November 8, 2015 Meghna Roy 2Comment

I thought of dusting the scraps of your song off my ears. I wanted to scratch the crumbs of your touch from my skin . infected minds To their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets. I tore the memorabilia that had been haunting me like flashes from a past life… ‘til my room was but a dump yard of memories. I darted twigs right into your eyes ‘cause I could discern your face in the nightly skies. I lay there Drenched as the sky bled. Image Source  

November 3, 2015 Meghna Roy 2Comment

A thread of light peeks Through the canopy: just to be cut by shadows. Colours ooze out of her body. Chameleons swarm her little home. Bugs underneath bed crawl into lucid dreams- to gnaw at fantasies. You sprinkled sky in my eyes… can vision be that focused anymore? All stories of moist eyes have today spread wings to become floating clouds. I often feel a rocky mountain in the folds Of feathery dreams. Ashtrays deposit Flakes of longing. Oblivion Overwhelms the longed. The seasonal stream every monsoon washed petals to eternity. Lost a word or two in manhole while running…